Lumberjack cake’s plaid pattern is from stacked chocolate, red velvet and spice cakes.
Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Easy Lumberjack Cake – Plaid Shirt And All

The folklore is legendary – a giant woodsman and his loyal blue ox, Babe carrying out heroic, nearly superhuman feats around the wilderness. It’s said Paul Bunyan created the Great Lakes because he needed a watering hole for Babe, and the Grand Canyon was formed when he dragged his ax across the ground when he…
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Boozy Brownies Feature Beer And Bourbon

It’s a trio with the potential to be more crowd pleasing than the Three Stooges, Charlie’s Angels and the Bee Gees at the heights of their popularity. Today, for the third year in a row, downtown Fargo plays host to the Burger, Bourbon and Beer Fest – a culinary threesome that packs a bigger punch…
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5 Reasons Why The Salt Plate Is The Hottest Grilling Trend Of 2016

For some Americans it was just part of growing up. Every summer, watching as Dad clad in  Bermuda shorts and black socks with sandals, lit the coals and threw a few Oscar Meyer weiners on the grill.   As the Monkees once sang:  “Another Pleasant Valley Sunday – charcoal burning everywhere.” Dads might be the…
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ube donut

3 Donuts You’ve Never Heard Of

Long before Tony the Tiger roared “They’re Grrrreat!” or anyone knew what it meant to “L’Eggo my Eggo” Americans fell in love with the donut. Almost 170 years after its creation, the love affair continues as we celebrate yet another “National Donut Day” tomorrow. (Cue the heavenly angels singing in the sky as millions of…
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Bacon cheeseburger

5 Tips For Smoking Burgers

The other day as I was letting the dog out for the umpteenth time, I noticed a delectable smell wafting in through my patio door. It was a beautiful, warm, weekend evening so I figured many of my neighbors would be firing up their grills. But this was different. It was a smoky smell. Someone…
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