An “Old” Recipe For Chicken Salad


“An old Recipe” For Chicken Salad

Two dressed chickens were cooked tender.  When cold, meat was removed from bones and cut into dice (not too fine). Cut half amount of celery you have to meat pieces.

Dressing for salad was composed of the following:  Three well-beaten yolks of egg.  Pour over these 1 pint of boiling hot cider vinegar, stand on back of the range to thicken.  Place in a bowl 3 freshly boiled and finely mashed white potatoes, add 1 Tbs.. of dry mustard, 6 tbs.. of olive oil, 1 tbs.. of salt, 1 tbs. pepper.  Mix all together well, then add the thickened vinegar.  Beat together until creamy and stand aside until chilled.

Drop the three whites of the eggs in hot water, remove when cooked, chop fine when cold add to the chicken meat and celery.

Pour the dressing over the ingredients, stir lightly with a fork and stand in a cold place until chilled before serving.