7 Gadgets That Earn Their Spot In The Kitchen


A funny thing happens every time I come home from a kitchenware home party. My husband will (maybe only half-jokingly) say “So what can we absolutely not live without now?”  He knows my pattern. I get distracted by gadgets the way that dog in the movie “Up” got distracted by squirrels. “Strawberry corer!”  “Mango pitter!” “Avocado knife!” Many of the gadgets I buy are really cool and they work. I use them a couple of times, but they inevitably end up getting stuffed into my kitchen junk drawer causing so much clutter I can’t find the gadgets I actually use everyday like a can opener or kitchen scissors.

But there are a few gadgets that will not end up in the gadget graveyard – innovative products that you’ll actually use. Mari McCullough of Creative Kitchen helped us highlight just a few.

7 Gadgets That Earn Their Spot in the Kitchen


  1. Nextrend Garlic Twist – Garlic presses are a great way to mince garlic quickly and easily, but they do come with a couple of drawbacks. “You end up losing some of the juice when you use a garlic press. They can also be tough to clean,” McCullough says. The garlic twist is different. You place the garlic cloves in one or the other side of a container that looks a little bit like a yo-yo. Then you twist it back and forth. The garlic is nicely minced and none of the juice is lost. The Nextrand Garlic Press comes in green, purple, or clear and costs $19.95.Gadgets5
  2. OXO Salad Chopper and Bowl – Why is it that salads in restaurants taste so much better than the ones we make at home? It might be because restaurant chefs do a better job of chopping up the greens and vegetables. The OXO Salad Chopper and Bowl makes it easy for the home cook to do it too. Simply place your lettuce in the bowl, then roll the chopper (which looks a little like a double pizza cutter) over the greens and chop to the desired size. No more stabbing your salad with a fork only to end up with a ginormous piece of lettuce that won’t fit in your mouth. Cost: $24.95Gadgets7
  3. Cleverco Pomegranate Deseeder – I know what you’re thinking. “This thing is nuts. It’s just going to end up taking up space in my kitchen junk drawer.” McCullough says that depends. “If you never use pomegranates then pass on this. But If you like pomegranates in salads, or cocktails but find it terribly inconvenient to deseed this is absolute must-have,” she says. It used to take several minutes to get pomegranate seeds out with a spoon, but now the deseeder can do an entire pomegranate in a few seconds. Cost: $8.95Gadgets8
  4. Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender – You’ve undoubtedly seen cooks on the Food Network use immersion blenders. They’re a great choice when you want to blend sauces, dressings and gravy while they’re still in the saucepan or mixing bowl. There is no need to wait for a sauce to cool before putting it in a separate blender. If you want an easy way to make smoothies or milkshakes the immersion blender is a great option. Cost: $99.95 with attachments.Gadgets10
  5. Cuisipro Fat Separator – As we approach the holiday season fat separators become a huge asset in the kitchen. They enable the cook to take the juices from cooking turkeys and other meats, and easily separate them from the fat to make perfectly-balanced gravy and sauces. This model is particularly effective because it has a spout on the bottom that releases the juice as the fat floats to the top. Other models allow you to pour out the juice out of a spout and leave the fat behind. That is an effective method as well, however the spout models are harder to clean. Cost: $34.95Gadgets11
  6. Espro Press – French Press coffee is one of the hottest trends in the culinary world right now. It allows coffee lovers to manage the strength of their coffee and the Espro company has improved the technology even more. “Espro has two filters, so you end up with a more flavorful and less gritty cup of coffee,” McCullough says. The Espro Press P5 has 40% thicker glass walls to keep coffee hot longer and be more durable than other French presses. Cost: $59.95 & $79.95Gadgets12
  7. iSi Easy Whip – We all know whipped cream spells fun. I dare you to frown while squeezing or dolloping whipped cream on a piece of pie. Eating it is even better. But iSi has added to the fun with their Whippers which utilize pressurized gas chargers to immediately turn liquid heavy cream into whipped cream. Add flavored extracts to create vanilla, coconut or almond whipped cream. Best of all, if you keep the whipped cream in the Whipper container it stays good in the refrigerator for several days. Cost: $69.95

To see these gadgets in action, watch our video as McCullough prepares an entire meal of roast chicken, salad and pumpkin pie.

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To purchase the items visit Creative Kitchen at the West Acres Mall in Fargo or go online at creativekitchenonline.com.