Supersized Snack Stadium Hosts Game Munchies

No matter who wins the Super Bowl next Sunday, one thing is certain: many Americans will go back to work on Monday with a post-game food hangover. According to the National Retail Federation, last year Americans spent roughly $15 billion on Super Bowl celebrating. That’s a lot of chicken wings, guacamole, pizza and beer.


If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you’ll see that football fans are starting to find new ways to display the obnoxious amounts of food they’ll serve at this year’s party. Snack stadiums have been around for awhile, but like many teams in the NFL (including the NFC champion Atlanta Falcons) serious snackers are opting for new and elaborate stadiums. Unlike, NFL teams however, state-of-the-art snack stadiums don’t need to be expensive at all.


You can find many examples on Pinterest, but the one I based this snack stadium on comes from the site, Upstate Ramblings. I love that it uses pop can fridge packs for stands because most likely you’d buy pop for your party anyway. So why not use the containers they come in? Other than that, the only other items (besides the food) that you’ll need to buy are two 12- by 8-inch foil cake pans, striped straws and some tape.


As for the food, choose what you like, but I would recommend guacamole with sour cream stripes for your “football field.” Because both teams this year have some red in their uniforms, I’d suggest salsa for the endzones. I also printed colored logos of each team and laid the paper on top of the salsa.


Super Bowl Snack Stadium

What you need:

6 fridge packs (whatever pop you like)

1 package striped or colored straws

2 (12- by  8-inch) foil cake pans


Logos of each team


Sour cream


Tortilla chips



Other preferred snacks



With soda still inside, cut the fridge pack boxes in half. (Keeping the cans inside will keep the cardboard taut and you don’t want a hole where you removed the cans). After cutting, remove the cans and set aside. (You can use the pop cans as “pillars” on the outside of your stadium. Measure three inches up from the bottom of each end and draw a horizontal line. Then cut a diagonal line from that line to the top of the box to create the stands. You will need four halves for each side of the stadium and two halves at each end zone (for a total of 12 halves). Set the boxes on end and tape together. Place one foil cake pan in the center of the stadium. Cut the other pan in half to create each endzone. Put guacamole in the center tin and use sour cream to create yardage lines. Put salsa in each endzone and top with photocopy of each team’s logo. (If you have time you could get the logo laminated so it doesn’t soak up the water from the salsa or you could cover it carefully in Cling Wrap).  Fill the stands with snacks of your choice. You can adorn your stadium as much as you like. I chose to line the stands with straws and make an goal post out of straws. I also make flags to decorate the top of the stadium. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the Super Bowl!


Stadium designed and modified slightly from Upstate Ramblings